James Buchanan
fc: tom riley
  • negotiable
Name: James Buchanan
Nationality: Scottish
Occupation: Knight
Title(s): Sir
To be Addressed as: Sir
Family: None
Friends: Lady Sarah
Ladies: N/A
Advisor(s): N/A
Lover(s): None
Enemy(ies): French King

King James Plantagenet I Undefined Bastard of King James

Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial.Edit


Though he's a Scot, James has a long history with France. Most of his youth was spent as a good friend to the then Duchess-to-be Sarah Royer. As a young man, he shifted to the French court where he earned his knighthood. But it came at a price. The title came with orders; kill the English king's mistress. 


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  • FC can be changed.
  • Played by shapedthecentury.

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